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Italy’s beauty is brilliant, deep and as blue as the Mediterranean Sea. Classic Rome, charming Venice, fashionable Milan. No scenery in Italy will leave you regret, so some people say, “Italy is a perpetual soul girl.” As a big design country in the world, the scenery is pleasant, so are the sanitary products. With a long history and rich culture and art, Italian designers have come to the fore. With the same materials and the same environment, a common bathroom immediately programmed an artwork after being designed by these artists.
In order to meet the increasing needs of many families for showers, GLLON has established a long-term cooperation with Italian designers and set up a shower design laboratory, which occupies an important position in the bathroom industry.

GLLON Design Institute


GLLON design center: a minimalist design famous by designers from different cultural backgrounds; GLLON design learn comprises appearance, texture, structure, manufacturing, and other various professional personnel, who work together, integrate Eastern and Western culture, rationality and sensual, wiJh the same design philosophy is committed to product innovation, research and attention to cultural characteristics of each region as well as differences in user requirements study, to explore in depth innovative elements, the development of local market characteristics and lifestyle guide future sanitary products, provide users with all azimuth shower solutions.

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In the design concept of GLLON, we hope to endow the product with deep thinking value, that is, when consumers appreciate GLLON sanitary ware products, they can also grasp the metaphorical beauty of GLLON product itself from inside to outside design presentation and persistence, and then extend to the care of consumers’own mood, and create simpler products. Comfortable life experience.

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International Authoritative Certification

In 1991, the company passed S09001 International Quality System Certification and 2008 China Environmental Marking Product Certification.
In 1995, the product certificate passed by the company and obtained in the name of our company has the French ACS certification.
In 1996, the company passed EU CE certification and US UPC certification.
In 1998, the company was certified by Wras UK through its customers.
In 1998, the company passed the EU ROHES.
In 2000, the company passed Watermark, Australia.
In 2000, the company passed the Canadian CSA and SGS product qualification test report.

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GLLON(CHINA) Co., Ltd. has a huge sales network, consisting of more than 180 distributors worldwide. Among them, more than 130 domestic distributors cover major provinces and autonomous regions in China, and more than 50 international distributors cover major populous countries in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

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Shower Boutique


Terminal image is the last level of contact between retail stores and consumers. Simply speaking, the terminal image is that you directly face the various communication images of consumers in consumer places. Therefore, Jianlong attaches great importance to it and strives for fashion, simplicity and durability as its ultimate goal.
In the form of the concept of healthy life, Jianlong Shower Exquisite Museum shows consumers the high-end image of cutting-edge technology products and brands. Innovative and extreme display of living space, not only the concept of comfortable shower in history, but also the design performance of luxury and artistic atmosphere. The whole layout is scattered and elegant, noble color, warm color and partial white form the color echo of the whole space, which sublimates the products in it into luxurious works of art. Jianlong is more committed to meeting the diversified product needs of consumers everywhere. We pay attention to the quality of life and personalized needs of consumers, and tailor-made health shower plan for consumers.

(3,000 stores in China, live shooting)