Excellent Quality

Inheritance of European exquisite craftsmanship and excellent quality

We aim to use our products to ensure that the perfect water is available early, while minimizing consumption. In order to achieve this goal and provide more convenient solutions, we continue to study in the flow laboratory and optimize the existing technology. Therefore, we have developed super shower enjoyment, constant current technology, air injection technology and fast cleaning technology, which further ensures the high quality standards of our products. Regardless of water pressure, embedded precision water-saving devices with intelligent water-saving technology can minimize water consumption. Jianlong can bring you lasting happiness.

GLLON upholds the same rigorousness as mathematicians. The products are made of the highest quality raw materials, almost harsh quality testing, striving to achieve perfection in every detail and provide consumers with shower products of high quality and high enjoyment.

Design is not the only shining point. Every product is based on GLLON’s roots, that is, striving to become a global company with innovative business, and promising the best quality and manufacturing process in the market. Engineers adhere to many years of tradition, creating a number of GLLON series products. Both design and technology have achieved exquisite craftsmanship.

Rules of Service


In the design concept of Jianlong, we hope to endow the product with deep thinking value, that is, when consumers appreciate Jianlong bathroom products, they can also grasp the metaphorical beauty of Jianlong products from inside to outside design and persistence, and then extend to the care of consumers’own mood to create simpler products. Single comfortable life experience.

Professional Installation Service

After purchasing Jianlong products, you can book professionals and install and debug them free of charge.

Eight-year Quality Assurance of Products

Fifteen-year super-long product quality assurance commitment, life-long warranty, so that you can rest assured.

Supply of spare parts in the original factory

All maintenance spare parts come from Jianlong to ensure after-sales maintenance quality.