Button Switching Technology

GLLON creating a shower of a new trend. Need to look at touch of a button, you can switch the mode or trigger water shower. This innovative technology is called: ^Switch”. Using button operation and intuitive design concept for the bathroom life more fun. From hand shower to shower the water control switch function and then, the new Switch button technology for its many advantages It brings a real “shower fun.”

Waterfall Water Technology

Waterfall shower our model is designed according to one of the masterpieces of nature waterfall. When using this mode water waterfall you like standing under a tropical waterfall, a natural way to enjoy the water, head to the neck and shoulder hearty sense.

AIR Technology

Water mixed with air, will produce countless drops of water sprayed on the body like a warm summer rain, thanks tojianlong air injection technology, which while in the water more efficient use of water. But also greatly improve the shower fun.

Saving Acupuncture Massage Techniques

Saving up to 50%, the use of high-pressure water, irritate the skin and related points, Shu by promoting blood circulation helps to relieve fatigue, so as to achieve fitness results. Acupuncture may stimulate the growth and increase the flow of breast fat cells and other tissues, improve skin tone, helping breast plump, firm and elastic.

Saving Safety Technology

Energy conservation is the ultimate choice for high-end customers, we also use it as a responsibility of enterprises, without affecting the user’s premise, to reduce more energy consumption. Despite the use of electronic equipment and light therapy system, the incredible energy consumption to zero, completely on its own hydroelectric power, without any external power supply or battery, it can achieve the desired effect.

Light Therapy Technology

Long-shower can automatically switch LED light changes color depending on water temperature,Having three light changes to choose from. Light can enhance glucose metabolism, promotelnto the oxidation process, strengthen the pituitary function, improve the cerebral cortex tension, strengthenExcitability of the sympathetic nervous system, enhance immunity and so on.